Build Support:

Educating the Public

It is through the print and broadcast media, newsletters, and other outreach materials of local membership groups, that most people learn about the problem of beverage container waste and litter, and about bottle bills as a solution. We've already discussed how you can use the news media to further your campaign; here we will show you some other ways educate the public.

Developing your message should be the first goal of any campaign. Messages can describe the importance of deposits as a way to prevent litter, to keep material out of landfills or incinerators, to protect the environment by reducing energy and resource use, or to save the taxpayer money. Use eye-catching flyers and relevant, accurate information in fact sheets to generate public support. Simple language free of technical jargon is most effective.

Below are some sample publications used to promote the New York Bottle Bill, as well as bottle bills in general.

Once you've developed a message, how do you get it out to people? The list that follows is just a sampling of ideas:

Holding public events is another great way to promote awareness of your campaign and gather some new supporters to your side. You can do like New York did, and hold a bottle collection event for its bottle bill's 20th anniversary, or you can organize bottle bill rallies, like West Virginia's Deposit Day in 2006.

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