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Guide to Writing A Press Release

A press release is a tool for releasing facts and about your campaign, release of a report, or some issue that is newsworthy. It should convey a few straightforward ideas, staying on the message of your central campaign, but that make up truly new information the public should be informed of. If it is done right, the reporter can use the release directly to save time and work, and your message will be unaltered.

Writing Tips:


The basic format for a press release can be found in the box below.  If you remove the brackets and all that is inside of them, replacing them with the appropriate information, you will have an acceptable press release.

Some tips:

A press release template is also available as a Word document [DOC, 20kb]

See the accompanying sample releases for format. The press release should be faxed or emailed to all outlets simultaneously or as nearly so as possible. When emailing, always put press release in body of email even if you are sending it as an attachment. Follow up by phone the same day, if at all possible, to see if it was received (and noticed) and to give additional information if needed.

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