Media Outreach:

Generating News Articles

(Earned Media)

Attention from the media leads to attention from the public and from legislators.  Therefore, it is important to make your bottle bill campaign as news-friendly as possible.  Get to know the reporters at various media outlets.  Press releases should be short, well written, and have quotes from various heads of organizations, elected officials, etc. Media events need to be creative. You want to capture the interest of reporters, editors, and ultimately the public.

Establish a relationship with reporters.

Put out press releases.

A press release is essentially a news article that you write yourself and send to the media to alert them of a newsworthy event, release of a report, etc. It should convey a few straightforward ideas, staying on the message of your central campaign, but that make up truly new information the public should be informed of. For more information, see the...

Guide to Writing a Press Release

Then check out the sample press releases:

Hold media events.

A media event is more likely to be covered by the media than a press release. It is also much more involved and difficult to coordinate. Always send out a media advisory several days before the event. Be sure and put the event on the Associated Press daybook. If at all possible, have visuals, to increase your chances of getting tv coverage and or a photo in the newspaper.  Media events can attract the public as well.  Sometimes a public event becomes a media event and vice versa - so you get two for the price of one!  For examples of newsworthy events, check out "Educating the Public."

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