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Media Outreach

Getting media coverage is challenging but a key to a winning campaign.  There are 2 major ways of doing this.  One is earned media - that is, media attention that you have to work for - and the other is paid media - which is media attention that you have to pay for (i.e. advertising.)  There's also the kind of media that comes unbidden, but this is rare, especially in the early days of a campaign, so we will concentrate on the other two methods.

It is important to establish a relationship with reporters and editors of newspapers and radio stations, set up meetings with editorial boards, and send editorial packets with relevant materials.

Ask about submitting guest commentaries. Sometimes one commentary can be submitted to more than one paper, but always check with the newspaper before sending the article to another media outlet. A well-written press release can also be an effective tool for getting the media's attention.

Media events are an effective means of getting press coverage, particularly if the event is interesting, and if visuals--such as grocery carts filled with bottles and cans--are available. Press conferences and media events are more formal and should be used only for truly newsworthy events.

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