3rd Annual Deposit Day Trashed the Capitol

by Linda Frame

We can’t think of a better reason for skipping a college class - a change to litter the grounds of the state Capitol. CAG staff got to join students from the WVU Student Sierra Coalition in this endeavor as they piled bag after bag of cans and bottles between the House and Senate wings, perfectly within view of legislators and staff, on a gorgeous, warm E-Day.

Talk about commitment. The students wrote a grant to cover expenses, held recycling drives on campus, and got on the road at 6AM with their rented truck to deliver 26, 051 beverage containers to Charleston, symbolizing one for each WVU student. With hand-made posters touting the benefits a bottle bill would bring to West Virginia, the students attracted a lot of attention from passer-bys and talked up SB 136.

Since it was also Deposit Day, our mock redemption center collected thousands more cans to contribute to the heap and refunded recyclers for their efforts. We had collection jars in case people wanted to donate their deposits to charity groups like the Boy and Girl Scouts, an additional benefit to the law that has been written into this year’s language.

Since our main goal is to raise awareness of the bill, the pile of empties was a great visual for visitors to the Capitol, legislators and the media.

We are still waiting for SB 136 to be taken up by Senate Judiciary and hope that will happen this week. Please contact your senators if you haven’t already done so! Thanks for your support!

In other good news, the Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority and the Webster County Watershed Association have both passed resolutions of support for the WV Bottle Bill. Welcome to our growing list of supporters!

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