Know the Opposition:

Anti-Bottle Bill Arguments

As we've already mentioned, the (rich and powerful) beverage industry, and others, will do their best to prevent bottle bills from ever making the law books.  Generally it is safe to say that bottle bill opponents are primarily motivated by money, as beverage deposit laws make beverage producers financially responsible for the recycling of beverage container waste.  However, to popularize their case with a wide variety of groups, the opposition will play up other arguments against bottle bills.

The arguments bottle bill proponents encounter most frequently include the following: deposits duplicate curbside recycling, are a public health threat, are inefficient, are outdated, are a regressive "tax," and will damage local businesses and lead to closures or layoffs.

Below, you can read some samples of testimonies and publications by those who oppose bottle bills.

The documents above give a sample of the kinds of things that bottle bill opponents have to say against container deposit legislation.  However, most of their arguments are simply not well-grounded in truth.  Hence, we call them myths.  Click on the link below to be taken to the Bottle Bill Resource Guide, where you will find a concise list of anti-bottle bill arguments, and the facts that show these arguments to be myths.

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